Aces Airport Casino(Cash Casino)- Late Night Shift SINGLE Countroom- Assigned

Location 40 Aero Cres NE
Start date May 8, 2023 10:30 PM
End date May 9, 2023 3:30 AM
Job sign up deadline Apr 15, 2023 11:59 PM

This is a SINGLE BINGO Event (Late Night) for the Aces Airport Casino (formerly Cash Casino) (40 Aero Crescent NE, Calgary, AB).  

Volunteers who are selected will receive 2 Bingo credits per shift worked 

Please note that you will only receive credit for this event if you are selected to work it AND you work the Event. The Bingo Coordinator will email all parents who are selected within 2-3 weeks of the event to confirm your selection.

Though every attempt is made to contact Members we cannot guarantee delivery of the email so it is your obligation to periodically review the Bingo Schedule in the Members section to confirm what Bingos you are scheduled to work. Failure to attend the Casino shift that you are selected for may result in a fine being posted to your family account.

If you are NOT selected you will not receive any further communication for this event.

If by the end of the Job Signup Deadline there are NOT enough volunteers for this event, the Bingo Coordinator will allocate Members to this Casino and will notify the selected Members at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

1. ARRIVE at the times posted on the Casino Volunteer Schedule, ready and willing to work your full shift.
2. NO gambling before, during or after your shift at the two-day casino event at the facility where you are hosting
your two-day event. (Please feel free to come back at any other time though!)
3. NO alcohol AND/OR cannabis consumption before or during your shift.
4. NO picture taking in any part of the casino facility.
5. NO laptops except in the Volunteer Lounge – wifi unavailable at some facilities
6. BRING picture I.D. and check in at the Volunteer Cashcage (Table/Chip Cashier). Ask any staff member for
directions, if unsure.
7. BRING reading glasses if you require them as all volunteers will need to enter some data on a small, PDA
Handheld device.
8. LIMITED use of cell phone in Cashcage and Countroom (numerous breaks permitted).
9. ONE free meal per shift and snacks:
a. Evening Cashcage shift volunteers will need to arrive at least one hour prior to the time posted on the
Volunteer Schedule if a meal is wanted BEFORE, rather than during their shift.
b. Countroom shift volunteers need to arrive at least one hour prior to the time posted on the Volunteer Schedule if a meal is wanted, as the kitchen will shut down near the start times posted on the Casino Volunteer Schedule.

10. REFRESHMENTS & snacks are available in the Volunteer Lounge (all items consumed will be added to the
Volunteer food tally).
11. CASUAL DRESS, no ripped, soiled or torn clothing.