Sunday Swim Series - September

Start date Sep 24, 2023
End date Sep 24, 2023
Job sign up open Sep 19, 2023 3:00 PM
Job sign up deadline Sep 22, 2023 11:59 PM


UCSC will run four one-hour skills/stroke clinics on Sundays from September to December. The clinics will give the participants opportunities to learn, improve, and refine some of their skills around stroke technique focusing on body position and propulsion. The focus will also be on turn execution, underwater skills, and breakouts.

1st Clinic: Freestyle and Backstroke

Date: September 24 – 9am – 12pm (noon)

The first clinic of the season will focus on freestyle and backstroke technique, learning and exploring similarities between the strokes. The primary focus will be on establishing and refining a horizontal body position. The clinic will address proper pull patterns, arm recovery, and breathing in both strokes. We will also spend a portion of the time on streamline and underwater dolphin kick after turns

Site: University of Calgary


- 9am – Churchill and Trex B and C swimmers

- 10am– Trex A and 12 Stream swimmers  

- 11am– 12 stream A/B, Provincial, Provincial Lite and above

Cost per clinic - $90

Number of swimmers – maximum 12/session

Coaches: Jan Bidrman, Amy Bidrman, Michelle Downey and Dan Gerlach